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Azamara Group Ltd - a leading provider of the Crew Management and Technical Management services for shipping industry.
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Quality Management System of the company is certified by the RMRS in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008.

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Technical Management
-Full Technical Management Service for Ship Owners
-"The Company" services in respect of ISM and ISPS Codes
-Creation and Implementation of ship's SMS
-Creation and Implementation of SSP
-Assistance with certification of ships in accordance with ISM Code
-Assistance with certification of ships in accordance with ISPS Code and SSP approval
-Ship Management budget preparation
-Technical Management for Oil and Chemical Tankers
-Preparation of ships for Vetting inspections
-Preparation for and managing of repairs, including DD
-Maintenance of ships in accordance with international rules and regulations
-Spares and Provision supply
-Arrangements with Classification Societies
-Arrangements with Flag Administrations
-Assistance with P&I and H&M insurance




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Crew Management
-Crew selection/supervision
-Crew change planning
-Efficient system of short notice dispatch of the crew member
-Joining and repatriation
-Payroll arrangements
-Manning costs budget
-General administration
-Banking with crew salaries
-Equipping seafarers with overalls
-Preparation of the Employment contracts and signing the contracts  on behalf of the shipowner
-Hotel arrangements
-Seafarers insurance
-Organization of interview with candidates for the shipowner’s representatives
-Arrangements for additional trainings of indicated candidates
For Crewing Service we are using an advanced computer system and database consisting of over 12000 qualified seafarers.
Our company is also able to provide qualified motivated seafarers from other countries, such as: India, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and others.

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