Ukraine acceded to Law No. 0132 on the International Rescue Convention.

226 votes were received from Verkhovna Rada. However, Ukraine has put forward several reservations. Referring to Article 30 of this Convention, it retained the right to refrain from actions prescribed by the Convention in certain situations:

  1. When a rescue operation is to be conducted in the inland waters of the Ukrainian state.
  2. When all vessels for which such actions are required are inland water transport.
  3. In the event that such activities should be carried out without any watercraft.
  4. If all the participants are Ukrainian citizens, as well as other persons who are legally related to Ukraine.
  5. Concerning everything else related to marine property of a cultural nature (has the status of archaeological value, as well as historical or ancient values), including those located at the ocean floor

The documents accompanying the law clarify that Ukraine has joined the International Organization in connection with the need to unify a number of rules for water areas. In particular, regulating performance of rescue activities aimed at achieving safe shipping traffic and related to the protection of the environment.

The International Rescue Convention was modeled by the International Maritime System and was launched on April 28, 1989. The place of the event was the capital of England. The bill describes the methodology for providing all-round assistance to boats and other property that may be endangered on water.